Meet Gerty

As many of you know life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately..we are renovating the basement, opening the new shop, presenting at the Home & Garden Expo (thank goodness that is over until next month!)….and so why not just buy a monster vintage bread truck!

The hubby and I have been chatting about should I buy another truck to haul stuff for the shop & barn.  We poke around on craigs list and he found a bread truck and I actually liked the idea of it vs. a big old box truck.  I thought it had better style and was easier to get in and out of.  We contacted the guy about the truck and it had been sold.  Oh well I thought!

Then he called with another truck he had in stock….so Saturday hubby met me at the expo and we went to look at it…the big questions was really if I could drive it!  I have to say I’m not the best driver in large vehicles:-)  I’ve had a couple incidents with Ira that we won’t discuss.  Any who…I drove it and I think James (the hubby) had already decided we were going to buy it.  I know I need it but the expenses wasn’t planned (ugh…).  Basically I walked out in the matter of an hour with a new addition to the Stylish Patina family Gerty (or Gert).  She is Ira’s new sister and she is named after my grandmother Gertrude who I adored.  I always remember by dad caller her Gert and sometimes playing around called her Gerty.  Ira was named after the hubby’s grand father so we are keepin’ it in the family!

I love giving the trucks vintage / old school names!

Here she is…….good old Gerty!  (My mom is dying right now reading that our new truck is named after her mother!)



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3 Responses to Meet Gerty

  1. Kathryn Cain says:

    So how does Chalk paint and Milk paint hold up to the elements,lol I could imagine you painting your logo…and a little buzy bee somewhere because you certainly have been bizy

  2. vanessa says:

    Hi, Kelly

    How cool is your new truck. I love it. It’s so you! Congrats!!


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