House Projects Update

A quick update with some pictures of our house projects!  But first of all it was an exciting day when I got a coffee maker for the shop so Laura and I can feed our addiction!









On to the house…..I can’t lie the basement renovation is taking A LOT longer than I expected.  But it’s looking good.  We have the paint color on the walls (coat #1) it’s Silver Tradition by Behr (paint & primer for all paints).  We did an accent wall where the TV is going to be in Behr Vintage Chic (yes hubby picked this color from 3 I selected!).  The laundry room in done in Behr Venus Teal.

As you can see from the pictures below we actually had them make the windows larger to let in more light and replaced the door with a new one that let in more light.  This weekend it’s all about flooring!  A great reader filled me in on a wonderful option – tile that looks like wood.  We will make the selection this weekend and start the install next week.  They did have to even out the floor so we could lay it which took more time…ugh.  But it’s getting there.  I posted all the picks on FB in an album called basement reno if you want to see the progress.

Next week I’ll share the decision on the flooring PLUS the front door project!  And yes I am a glutton for punishment.  Loading in tons of new stuff at the shop in Falls Church come and see us this weekend!


IMG_3238 IMG_3239 IMG_3240














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