House update!

Just recouping from the grand opening weekend…I am caught up on email and took on a few new design clients!  So exciting each one is very different and I can’t wait to jump in and start working with them.  If they permit it I’ll share some of the process on the blog.

So an update on our house…wow lots going on over here.  If you follow along on FB you know we had a guy in the tree yesterday.  We have a 200 year old tree in our back yard and it’s fabulous BUT it sways a lot.  We had it fixed we thought but then the arborist said we should take half of it down…ugh.  So this week we have the tree guys and the basement contractors.  It never ends…..the pups are hating it.

We did open up the windows in the basement so we have more light coming in which is great and they are boxing in our vents so that the basement will look finished.  The thing I am most excited about?  Getting a washer and dryer back tomorrow, the laundry is seriously stacking up.

The basement is coming along really well and I got to go and pick out my colors yesterday, yippie!  The fun part I’ll share them tomorrow…..

IMG_3044 IMG_3043 IMG_3041 IMG_3040 IMG_3039 IMG_2975

IMG_2975 IMG_3046

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2 Responses to House update!

  1. JaneEllen says:

    You seem to be weathering the redo’s in your basement quite well. Is it better if it’s out of sight in basement instead of main part of home? Keep telling yourself it will be done at some point so you and family can enjoy it. That is some old tree. Can you imagine hanging around all those years?
    Will be looking forward to seeing basement when it’s all done. Wish we had a basement, would be great to have a place I can do projects without the mess being evident. I work on my kitchen island most often so have to move everything when it’s time for cooking. I’ll also look forward to seeing what’s you’ve done with new clients. You’re a busy gal.

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