Paint & Flooring

After much debate we decided to go with engineered hardwood in the basement.  I can’t lie I was/am a bit torn on this decision.  I was leaning towards a vinyl option by Allure that was 100% water proof.  I was leaning this way for 3 reasons:

1. we have 4 dogs & I figured it would hold up to toe nails better

2. it was less expensive and less work

3. it’s waterproof!

My hubby really wanted the wood floor look and since I did kinda rope him into this project at the last minute and I picked out everything else we went with his choice.  I know it will look beautiful once it’s done.

I think I also let him win on the floors because he let me paint stripes on one of the walls in the basement!  Ignore the outlets in the middle of the green stripes I’m having those condensed and moved down.  Stay tuned hopefully we will be 90% done next week and have some great pictures to show …then the decorating begins (so excited!).

striped wall

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  1. vanessa says:

    Love this idea. Can’t wait to see it.

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