Chalk Paint® on Fabric

I am sharing this great tutorial on HOW TO PAINT FABRIC with Chalk Paint® from Robyn Story!

I have done this on some basic dining chairs on the seats but have been under the weather this past week and haven’t had the chance to finish my project but just LOVED this one!  So enjoy this tutorial from Robyn Story.


Here’s our latest project…..painting fabric.  This is how the chair started out.  Old gold/orange crushed velvet, the wood had an old Pecan finish

This is the after!!

The back is the prettiest I think.  Lori painted a stencil design in French Linen and accented the piping and the buttons on the chair with French Linen as well.  The wood on the chair was painted in Old White but the little wicker sides were dry brushed with the French Linen

The chair was cleaned of debris and dust, then Lori applied the paint using her “dippy dippy” method.  She dipped her brush into the paint and got a nice healthy amount of paint on her brush, then quickly dipped it into a little pail of water and applied it to the fabric.  This was repeated until all fabric was coated. (* note from Stylish Patina, you could also water down the paint).

The water helps the fabric absorb the paint evenly.  One of the things that she learned along the way was to stay with the nap of the fabric.  Again, this was crushed velvet so it definitely has a nap to it.  Going in multiple directions when painting the fabric is fine but ending with the brush going in one direction kept the fabric from feeling too stiff and sand papery.

Once the first coat was dried, she applied her subsequent coats until all fabric was completely covered.  When you are doing a fabric such as velvet, it may require more coats to cover the nap completely. After it completely dried she worked in Clear Wax a small section at a time.  After each small section she immediately buffed it.  Once the entire chair was painted and waxed it felt exactly like leather.  Smooth and cool to the touch.

This is THE PERFECT way to rejuvenate old upholstered furniture!  Who needs to spend thousands of dollars on new pieces or reupholstering!  Just grab your favorite color of Chalk Paint® and paint it…get a stencil to enhance it and VOILA, a new piece of furniture.

To all of you naysayers out there.  YES, this adheres to fabric.  NO it does not chip.  NO it does not peel.  YES it cracks (like an old leather bomber jacket) and YES it is water repellant.

It is fabulous!  Seriously, what have you got to lose?  TRY IT!!!  Grab Annie’s new book COLOR RECIPES for painted furniture and give it a go……



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3 Responses to Chalk Paint® on Fabric

  1. Jan Fusco says:

    That is cool. So just to confirm….it doesn’t leave any kind of residue after sitting on it?
    Anxious to try this.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Just. Gorgeous! Love the pattern on the back! I used fabric dye on a friends bench and weeks,later it’s still rubbing off! ( it’s just for looks now) but wondering how this will hold upDo share!

  3. Regina Funaro says:

    Hi. Love your work! I wanted to paint a canopy that is over a door outside. Will Annie Sloan paint work for this application? If yes, what could I seal it with.

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