Big News!

So you may have seen me posting some pictures of a cool warehouse with a big door to load furniture in lately…..I’ve  been keeping it a bit of a secret but now the lease is signed and obviously we are moving in furniture so what is this???


After a bit of hunting I found a warehouse space in Falls Church City!  2500 sq ft with a roll up door, yeah amazing.  I couldn’t say no….I’ve been ramping up the SP Vintage Rental business and this is exactly what I needed for storing all these amazing pieces. PLUS who’s to say we could do a monthly or quarterly sale out of there…right?

With all of this going on I’ve decided to pass the torch out at the barn in Frederick.  The girls of Persephone – Cassie & Sarah have been with me a while and they were looking to grow their business so I decided to see if they wanted to take the barn and they said YES!

They have renamed it Sweet Clover and have a new website and Facebook page so please check them out and keep heading to the barn each month.  It will continue to be an amazing experience.  They plan to keep the same schedule of every third weekend as it always has been.  You will see me out there shopping with you now.

I personally have always wanted to create the vibe of the barn and Lucketts here in Northern Virginia so that really is my goal to bring these amazing things closer into the city.  My husband as well is very happy to keep me in the confines of 5 miles, laugh!

Stay tuned for even more exciting news as things unfold!

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9 Responses to Big News!

  1. Awesome, Kelly! We love our warehouse space…so much room for MORE FURNITURE! lol Good luck to you, although you don’t need luck…you’ve got YOU working in your favor!

  2. I’m so happy to see your business continue to flourish over the past few years!

  3. Danielle says:

    Hurrah!! Congratulations on the new site and endeavor!

  4. trina lucido says:

    This is fabulous! I’ve dreamed of doing something similar … so happy you’re bringing the “barn” inside the Beltway! Best of luck!

  5. Pia says:

    Very excting news! I hope you will still take consignments 🙂

  6. Kay says:

    Sounds great….I’ll have to add that to my list of things to do when I visit my daughter in Leesburg. That area is just filled with lovely places to shop, and I’m a shop till ya drop kind of gal! 🙂

  7. Michele says:

    How awesome it will be to have it all closer to home (Alexandria). Plus to have the vibe of the barn and Luckett’s nearby even better!! Looking forward to more news.

  8. Amy says:

    Awesome news Kelly! You continue to surprise and inspire me 🙂 I know whatever you do will be amazing and can’t wait to see this grow. I must get down to the store soon too! Congrats!! Amy at Salvaged.

  9. judi says:

    congrats Kelly! i have vintage rental on the horizon with what i am doing now…hoping it will pan out and be as successful as yours!

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