D.C. Design Project

This past week has been crazy busy coming off of vacation and trying to catch up with the shop, the new rough luxe market, vintage rental and my design clients.  I have 2 large design projects going on and a few other smaller ones.

The one client just bought a home in N.W. D.C. and it has been an amazing adventure.  They are currently living in Pakistan….yes I said Pakistan. They are Foreign Service and just bought this home.  They wanted it ready to move into when they returned to the states this summer.  It’s my job to get it ready with the contractors.

So needless to say the time difference is a bit of a challenge let alone everything is virtual!    We are gutting 4 bathrooms, painting the entire home, and replacing counters and backsplash in the kitchen.  This is a designers dream job.  I have loved and obsessed every minute of it.  In some ways it’s terrifying since they have never seen the house but in other ways it such an amazing unique experience!

The style will be a tuscan / coastal feel.  We are using soft and soothing colors, marble and travertine tiles.  I can’t wait to start construction this week so it will start falling into place.  Stay tuned for more pictures!  I’ll tell you about my Vienna client later this week.

IMG_0114 IMG_0031 IMG_4318


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