Repurposed Lockers

Repurpose Wed is all about vintage lockers this week!  I am on the hunt for a set for our newly renovated basement for interesting storage.  I’m going to paint them bright white, can’t wait!

I’ve seen lockers used as dressers to hold clothes, they are great in playrooms, perfect for mudrooms and so much more!  Enjoy these inspirational images.  See more on Pinterest.

locker collage 2 lockers collage1

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One Response to Repurposed Lockers

  1. judi says:

    hey kelly,
    I found my first set of lockers about an hour away via craigslist and the second set via an online auction that sells school equipment (find local schools & colleges to see who they use to sell off unwanted items). and be prepared to spend many hours cleaning off stickers, tape and whatnot before they’re ready to be used in your home! but it is SO worth it. hope you find yours soon. love all the bright colors that were used in the above pics.

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