Rough Luxe

I was recently introduced to a new design concept called Rough Luxe, it just sounds interesting doesn’t it…it caught my attention as we looked at images that reflected the style.  I was looking at images of beautiful hand painted furniture against exposed plaster walls.  I though hmmm this is what I love..If you have followed the blog for a while you know I love a frenchy piece of furniture just as much as I like a grungy chippy old door.

About 6 months ago I update the branding for Stylish Patina and the new tagline became “Vintage. Modern. Life.”   The concept is based in the love of combining old and new and appreciating the character and interest the old brings into your home while still combining the comforts of new accents.

I started doing some additional research on this new design concept, Rough Luxe, to see  what others were saying about is.  The WSJ Magazine describes Rough Luxe as “a study in contradictions, an attempt to reconcile the antique or the just plain old with the contemporary, the accumulated with the newly acquired, the decrepit with the pristine. It’s artful dissonance.”

Now here are some fabulous images of Rough Luxe in actions!

rough luxe collage 2 rough luxe collage


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2 Responses to Rough Luxe

  1. vanessa says:

    What a great place. These pictures are amazing!

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