Decoupage Adventure

So many of can tell by the furniture that I transform I don’t do a lot of “fluffy” projects but I’ve had the decoupage map desk project in my head for a while so for the Rough Luxe Marketplace opening I finally did it!  I’ve had this stuck in my head for a while and then I saw Cassie from Primitive & Proper do it on a side table at the barn (P.S. Cassie now owns the barn with some partners and it’s called Sweet Clover, go check it out this weekend!).

So I started with something like this (of course I didn’t take a before pic!).

vintage desk









Then I painted the entire desk in Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. The next steps were as follows…

1. Apply modge podge all over the top of the desk

2. Let is get tacky for about 25 minutes

3. I took an old atlas book and ripped out pages and randomly placed them on the top.  Once you place them down you cannot remove them 🙂

4. I then put some modge podge on top to make sure all the edges were down and sticking to the top.  I let this sit over night.

5. The next day I applied General Finished High Performance poly (we sell this in the shop) I applied 2 coats thoughout the day and then sanded a little between coats.

6. Finally I distressd and applied the same poly all over the base of the desk too.  Yes I said POLY over Chalk Paint®.  You can do this …. I will admit it’s not my preferred way to do furniture but it was perfect for this desk!

You will see I left some of the edges torn to add a little character.


Here she is…come and see her at the Rough Luxe Marketplace this weekend in Falls Church details on the website.

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2 Responses to Decoupage Adventure

  1. Judi says:

    kelly..I love the how you revamped this desk! of course anything with maps makes me smile. and I’m so excited for cassie as we are about to do the same thing if all goes as planned. best wishes for rough luxe exciting to watch how your business is growing.

  2. I love maps & have decoupaged them onto boxes for our study; this is such a lovely idea …

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