The girls….

Running a small business can be challenging and one of the biggest challenges and most important parts is finding great people to work for (and with) your everyday.  The only way to grow a business is to delegate responsibility to folks so you can keep moving forward.

After 15 years of running other peoples businesses and giving consulting advice to business owners on how to grow and scale their businesses I often take a step back and take a hard look at myself.  It’s hard to give up control but I know it has to happen so I can implement all the other aspects of the business I have in my head.

I feel so lucky to have first of all my mom who up until a year ago was my right hand woman.  Then I was lucky enough to find Laura through her sister who reads the blog and then recently we added Heather.  Heather was also a referral from a long time family friend.

They both are now working full time with me and not only do we all enjoy each other they are hard workers and I am so appreciative.  They don’t complain when we have to haul furniture all day, paint or clean up the warehouse.  They are the BEST partners in crime I could ask for.  Thanks girls!

thank you 2









Here is a picture of them at the warehouse I know they will kill me for posting it 🙂



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  1. JaneEllen says:

    They look pretty good to me and are most likely very happy to have a job doing something they enjoy with people they enjoy. What more can we ask for? Plus they get to wear comfy clothes to work. Glad you have such good workers, it makes such a difference in how you can feel about giving them jobs to do when you can trust people. Enjoy them. Happy days

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