Creative Crates

I LOVE vintage crates and I think they are one of the best items you can repurpose.  A few  easy ideas and fun pictures to awaken your creative juices before you come to the Rough Luxe Marketplace this weekend (july 19-21) and all the amazing crates I found for this months sale!

A few great ideas for everyday use….

– attach a few casters and let these babies roll…perfect for toys, books, records, shoes, backpacks and so much more!

– mount them on a wall and display picture frames and other items of importance

– stack them to make a ready to go bookcase

– stand them on their side and use them as an end table

See more great ideas on my Repurposed Pinterest Board!

crates crates 1 crates 2 crates 3 crates 4 crates 6 crates 7 crates8 crates9

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