English Yellow Chalk Paint®

Colorful Monday – English Yellow
This is our newest color from the Annie Sloan collection of Chalk Paint®.   On Annie’s website she describes this yellow as …”This clean yellow was particularly popular in English 18th Century decoration inspired by hand painted Chinese wallpaper and the development of Chrome Yellow pigment. It was the first non earthy yellow and a first would be very expensive. In the 1950s this yellow became popular as a strong primrose. It can be mixed with Antibes Green to make lime green.”

This color might not be for you at first glance but look at all the possibilities once it’s mixed with other colors 🙂  We have this color in stock at the shop come and get a sample size and play with mixing it!

english yellow 5

english yellow 1 english yellow 2

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4 Responses to English Yellow Chalk Paint®

  1. vanessa says:

    I love the way you paired it off with the other colors. I’ll have to give this a try.

  2. Ellen Coffin says:

    I can’t believe it….I just purchased these colors to paint a desk! Yellow inside and French Linen on the outside. I am really excited to get this project moving now that I see them here as well! Thanks for this super information! And motivation!

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