Repurpose Wed, Tree Stumps

We took down a HUGE tree in our backyard recently and now have more wood than we could ever image.  I have been using a couple of the stumps as side tables outside.  I also have a design client in Vienna who decided to use one in her new living room as a side table…this got me thinking what else are people doing with abandoned tree stumps?

Well after a long hunt online (mainly pinterest) these are a few of the amazing things I found.  Check out all the pictures on the Stylish Patina Repurposed Board for even more ideas!  ** These are not my pictures I found them on Pinterest **

tree 1 tree 2 tree 3 tree 4

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  1. kathleen says:

    We have a few stumps I’ve been eyeing for a while. Thanks for the inspiration! Kathleen

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