Rough Luxe July 19-21

Vintage Americana will be our theme this month at the Rough Luxe Marketplace this month!  We will be open July 19-20, 10-5pm & July 21st from 12-5pm.

The vintage Americana theme is expressed this month in a few key items I have located …

– Amazing vintage rowboat

– A late 1800’s solid oak barber’s chair

– Vintage American Flags

– Multiple one of kind card catalogue’s

– Amazing salvage and old crates

I hope you come and see us this weekend!

Here are a few pictures and more will be added throughout the week on our Facebook Page.

IMG_4892 IMG_0044


IMG_0049 IMG_0041 IMG_0042


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2 Responses to Rough Luxe July 19-21

  1. JaneEllen says:

    I have to admit there were a few things I’d sure love to have but alas you are too far away for us to make the trip. Awesome stuff gal. I might have seen a few things I’d drool over. Yeah right, a few?
    Happy sale.

  2. Rony says:

    Nice collection..!! Well, all these old furniture pieces can be useful. We can repair them and make it brand new again

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