Shop Chat: Magazine Swap

I think I am a bit obsessed with magazines…I’ve been home bound for a bit and needless to say i realized how how many magazines I have….A LOT!

I always hold onto magazines because the pictures are so inspiring I have a hard time letting them go, yes I do cut out images I want to remember….but still there is an entire magazine left.  So I thought how about offering them up at the shop in Falls Church.  Basically I’m going to have a communal area for magazines for folks to take and leave magazines to share.

I hope you all will come in and find some new inspiration in the shop!


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  1. JaneEllen says:

    I did just that a few weeks ago. Got tired of moving stacks of zines every time I cleaned so decided I’d go thru some of them, take to thrift store. They sell them for 10cents so don’t make too much off them but it helps people that can’t afford them otherwise. I buy most of my reading books at the thrift store for 25cents and 50cents, then take some of them back when done if not favorites.
    I had stacks of Country living from quite awhile ago, also quite a few of older Martha Stewarts. Still going thru those and have found some articles I’m glad I could rescue before giving them away. It feels good to get rid of these dust collectors and room hogs. I had several older self decorating zines, All you’s, Woman’s world and First’s also so purged those.
    Feels really good doesn’t it? I have a basket by our front door I put things to give away or throw away. Happy summer

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