Colorful Monday

So yes I know it’s not Monday but this week has totally gotten away from me…so sorry!  I painted 10 pieces in the shop on Monday (our closed day) and most of them (or all of the colors) were custom mixes. The girls in the shop hate when I do this b/c then you guys come in and want a color I have on an items and I don’y know the exact color combo!

This is suppose is the artist in me I just start popping the tops and mixing away.  Since I paint a lot I get tired of the same colors.  How this usually happens is I go for French Linen or something and we don’t have enough for my project so then I just start mixing paints (this by the way is probably one of my favorite things to do!).

So I wanted to share with you one of the recipes I used this week in the shop.  I randomly created a wonderful grey.  It is a mix of Graphite and Cream (never would have guessed).  It makes a wonderful true grey not too blue or brown.  The large console in the shop is done with this combo and a lighter versions of it is on the table in the picture below.

IMG_0138 IMG_0137

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  1. Tanya Mandt says:

    Love that! Also love that you mix colors! My husband thinks I’m crazy when I do this and he worries that I’m going to mess up something I’m working on. I have to me…and besides if I don’t like it there’s always more paint..or a sander 🙂

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