Custom Paint Projects

I do get lots of questions regarding if we/I do custom paint projects and the answer is YES.  I do them all the time.  We are getting to the point where we are scheduling the drop off and delivery at the warehouse twice a month only.  A few common questions:

1. How long does it take to get a project done?

Items are dropped off Monday and ready for pickup Friday. Drop off dates are only 2 times a month and arranged by my shop manager Laura, who can be reached at

2. Do you pick up and drop off furniture?

We used to but just don’t have the man power anymore.  We are happy to give you contact information for a local mover to help you.

3. Can you help me pick out my colors?

Yes, either I can help you or any of the girls at the shop are fabulous as well.  

4. How much is it?

This depends on multiple factors but I have an estimate sheet on the website here and we ask you send up images of the items with measurements to give you a firm estimate.  It also depends on how many colors you want as well as if you want me to used things like gilding wax, etc.

5. How do I go about contacting you and getting a project lined up?  

Email Laura my shop manager at, include images of the items and measurements as well as an idea of what you would like done and we will get back with you in a few days.


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