House Projects!

So if you follow along you know I am constantly doing something to our 1940’s Dutch Colonial.  The latest projects are plantings in the front of the house, siding for our bump out, shutters and a little paint in the back of the house. Here is the old door….


I posted a picture of our new front door and the Fypon molding we did (ordered it online and love it!).  I got lots of questions on the door.  It is a craftsman style and we bought it off the shelf at Home Depot!  It was under $500 check it out here.

I have been putting off shutters until we used Hardie Plank for the siding BUT it’s really expensive so I think I’m giving in and going to order the shutters for the top and bottom and just deal with it until we can save up for the Hardie!

We are trying some colors on the back of the house to clean it up while we wait and save our $$ and see if we add on in a couple years.  What do you think of the green?

IMG_0012 IMG_0011


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