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If you follow along on Facebook you know I am in the heart of some serious house projects….why, I have no idea!  The truth of the matter is that I spend way more time decorating the shop, rough luxe and my design clients houses than I do on my own BUT I do go through phases.

For example I just swapped out my chevron rug that was layered on sisal in the living room to a cow hide rug.  I love to move rugs around in my house to me rugs can really make the room so it’s the 1st thing I usually change then pillows & throws (pictures to come..)

Our main focus lately has been the outside so this weekend we planted a tree and a few shrubs spread tons of mulch and painted the exterior in the backyard.  The next big thing will be shutters…ugh…who knew they could be so expensive.

Here are a few fun pictures of the exterior transformation of our house over the last 3 years. The images go from left to right in order if it isn’t obvious!

We have done the following so far to make an impact to the front of the house:

– Tore off the port-o-potty as we like to call it

– Painted the front door red

– Installed fypon trim around the door opening (we ordered it online, really easy!)

– Replaced the front door

– Had a new side walk installed

– Landscaping of the front of the house

Next on the list … (it never ends!)

– New shutters for the 4 windows in the front of the house

– Installing hardy plank

HOUSE Exterior evolution


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