Nonbreakable Tableware!

We have a gorgeous new line in the shop called Le Cadeaux, you won’t believe it’s not pottery right from France.  Vibrant, colorfast motifs in a triple weight melamine. The durability you need with a price tag you’ll love. Dishwasher safe, avoid the microwave.

I brought this line into the shop for all you moms that wan to have beautiful tableware BUT have young children.  This line allows you to have beautiful plates without the worry if one gets knocked off the table by a toddler.

We can order any pattern you choose and have a full catalogue in the shop.  They not only have plates, bowls, gorgeous glassware (that isn’t glass), trays and so much more.

I am doing a sale on the line 20% off for a limited time so come and take advantage of it!


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