Playing with Glaze

Laura & I were working in the warehouse the other night trying to get everything ready for this weekends Rough Luxe Marketplace and I was rummaging around in all of our paint and products in the back and noticed a can of General Finishes Van Dyke Brown Glaze.  I decided to play around with it a little …it was actually really easy to work with!

I’m going to do a little you tube video on this product and a few others in the near future but I’ll tell you the basics.


1. I painted with chalk paint first

2. then distressed with sanding sponge

3. then i took a small natural bristle brush and dipped it in the glaze and brushed it on pretty heavily over the piece

4. then i took a clean cloth and removed and melded in the glaze to give it a heavy old world/tuscan look

5. the glaze goes a long way and you will need lots of old rags to work the glaze in and around.

The end result reminded me of using dark wax.  It’s a little messier but a great option if you want that tuscan look.  Stay tuned for the youtube video.  Here is an image of the piece I played with….it’s an iphone pic so I’ll update it later with a better image but you will get the idea:-)


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  1. Leah webb says:

    what was the color of milk paint used for this piece of furniture. Extremely beautiful!

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