Which sunroom do you like?

I love doing these option A or B (and C & D) images and seeing what you guys like and dislike about the design in each room.  Since it’s Sunday I decided to do Sunrooms…which ones do you like better and why?

** All images found on Pinterest**

sunroom b sunroom c sunroom d sunrooma



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5 Responses to Which sunroom do you like?

  1. Jan says:

    I would rank these: A, D, B, C. I love the warmth of A. The tall windows/doors and shutters are awesome. And red is one of my favorite colors! (Every room should have a pop of red). With D I could cozy up on that day bed and nap or read. Although B is lovely, I would kill all the plants. But I like all the light. And lastly C is just not me as far as the furnishings. I love the windows but I would have to furnish it differently.

    • Carey Young says:

      I love the warmth and clean lines of A, but I really like the light fixture and “ceiling” of B, in addition to the natural wood floors. I’d prefer a combination of those two rooms. I like that A has black to anchor it – in my opinion, the black paint and clean lines of the shutters ground the room and help it look finished. The pillows and comfortable furnishings make the room look inviting and cozy without looking cluttered or too busy. I really appreciate the rustic elements of B, but would prefer fewer plants and decorative accents (watering cans, side table, etc) that make it seem a bit cluttered or untamed. C and D aren’t really my style, although I appreciate them for their design choices. Thanks for posting these; it’s fun to make the comparisons; they help me to hone in even more on my specific tastes, and to reflect on the “why’s” of those style preferences! 🙂

  2. Ruth Anne says:

    I’m partial to B–love the gorgeous chandelier and the glass roof–so light and bright it’s like having the outdoors inside. A great space for plants.

  3. Anne Boykin says:

    I love the look of A but it seems that the carpet, which looks great, would be dirty in a skinny minute. I love B because I love the light and I could keep the plants alive and it would be low maintenance, cleaning-wise. C is great to look at but impractical as a sunroom. D is lovely but not my style and it doesn’t look really comfortable to me. So A with a different carpet would be my favorite or B just as it is.

  4. Cathy Lane says:

    Most decidedly A and B. (I need two porches – one for lounging and one for dining.) I think it’s that they have more contrast in color and texture. It gives them a crisp feel.

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