Bedroom Inspiration

As my hubby would say it “hump day!”.  Today I thought I’d share some inspirational images for bedrooms.  I know a few of you out there that are working on bedrooms for yourself and your kids so I wanted to share a few of my favorite that found poking around on Pinterest.

Don’t be afraid of color on an accent wall, stripes, wall paper etc. these can all be great options to add a little depth to a room.  If your are just too gun shy then add pops of color with pillows, throws, colorful vases and artwork.  Enjoy these inspirational images I found on Pinterest.

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  1. how timely! I’ve been debating between fat black and white vertical stripes and a matte charcoal wall for the new store all day! The think-n-thin stripes always remind me of a bar code…lol

    Unfortunately, I STILL can’t decide! Your gorgeous choices of photos didn’t help, Kelly!

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