Decorating with Vintage Art

Over the last few years I have started to collect art that I loved for our home. Personally I think a good collection of art for your home takes years and can adjust over time.  I have people ask all the time if I swap out furniture for my house from the shop and actually I don’t!  But I do swap out art and mirrors, etc… probably for 2 reasons 1 – it’s easier to carry and 2 – my dogs can’t get them dirty.

For me collecting art all started I’d say about 7 years ago when I was in upstate NY with my family.  I came across a local water color artist that I loved and ended up buying two of his pieces for my home.  Those were my 1st original pieces here is one of them…


Then for our wedding my now sister-in-law gave us a gorgeous original painting by her mother an artist in South Carolina.  It is fabulous, here is a not so great picture of it….


Then over the last few years with the business I ended up gravitating to etchings and primarily a lot of european scenes but really I never know what I love until I see it.  I have picked up a couple larger pieces that I adore here are a few other pieces I have incorporated into the house ..

IMG_5914 IMG_5915

And the list goes on…the most recent art I purchased is this woman done by apparently a local DC artist. The piece is huge and the colors are fabulous!


Moral of the story don’t settle when it come to art, be patient and collect it over time you will have a story with each piece you acquire it’s part of the fun of it!  Here are a couple other pieces I have hung in the house (sorry for the bad pics today!).

IMG_5912 IMG_5934 IMG_5937 IMG_5939


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