October Rough Luxe: Industrial Farmhouse

This months rough luxe marketplace is sneaking up on me quickly! It is October 18-20th, see details on the website.  This months theme is Industrial Farmhouse.  As always we will have a mix of other styles as well but our main set in the front of the warehouse will have this theme in mind.

I found the mother load of gorgeous heavy gild frames that are BIG! They are chippy and filled with patina and would look amazing displayed on a wall.  I also have a one of a kind custom coffee table made of metal and wood.  It was hand crafted right here in Alexandria.  Other fabulous items you will see this month include a gorgeous frenchy double bed and dresser hand painted, crates, fabulous french sofa and many other treasures.  More pictures to come later this week….

IMG_6042 IMG_6048 IMG_6052 IMG_6068

IMG_6198 IMG_6201

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