Removable Wallpaper

I have a wonderful new design client couple that I just met with last weekend.  We are working on spiffing up the formal living room.  She really wants to really use wallpaper and I am so excited for the project. She had the great idea of using it on the ceiling which I love!

As I started doing more research for their room and wallpaper options I found a couple lines of removable wallpaper.  One is by Tempaper and the other is actually Sherman Williams / HGTV Home line.

This is one of the inspiration photo that she pinned and I love both the wallpaper on the ceiling and the version of the wall color.  The wall color might have to be just an accent wall but we will see……

holmes run

And here is a little sample of some of the cool removable wallpapers I found.  I also started a Pinterest board just for wallpaper so check it out for ideas & resources!

wallapper wallpaper 2 wallpaper3

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2 Responses to Removable Wallpaper

  1. How timely! I’m off TODAY to find wallpaper for the doors at the new store! Checking out HGTV’s offerings right now! Have fun w the project!



  2. Olivia Parks says:

    This is great! I love removable wallpaper for many situations, and I especially like the style shown here on the ceiling.

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