Vintage Rental & Design Cottage

If you follow along on our business Facebook  page you know that I have been busy renting and renovating a 1200 sq ft cottage/bungalow in Falls Church.  This is the new home of Stylish Patina Vintage Rental (check out the website & Facebook page).

The cottage will be the showroom and home for my vintage rental business as well as an area for me to create a design center for my design clients. The cottage will also be available for rent for photo shoot, meetings, & small events (bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party, etc.).

One of the things I loved about the house is that it has a HUGE side yard that would be fabulous for photographers and outside garden parties.

I am still in the middle of having is updated but we are making progress…here are a pic pics of the before and the …in process… hopefully it will be completed in about a week…stay tuned for more pictures.  I post new pictures everyday on Facebook so follow along.

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  1. jan says:

    I love your daily posts. I was tempted to call you yesterday morning to tell you had mis spelled huge on your october 23rd post. I eas unable to find a phone number. Today you have spelled huge correctly! 🙂 Your company is wonderful! Here is to your huge success! Cheers!

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