Crate Love

If you have been to the shop or Rough Luxe Market (starts this FRIDAY) you know I love a good vintage crate.  I always try to have a salvage section at our monthly Rough Luxe event each month full of crates.  Here are a few great ideas for how you can use crates in your home.  You can also visit my Pinterest Board full of ideas.

Hope to see you at Rough Luxe this weekend, we open the doors at 10am on Friday, 10am on Saturday and 12 on sunday!  See the details here….

crated8 crates crates2 crates3 crates4 crates5 crates7 crates8 crates10 crates11 crates12 crates14 crates15 crates16

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3 Responses to Crate Love

  1. Christina Hulbert says:

    Hi, I accidentally came across your web site and soon to open store in Falls Church.
    Wow is all I have to say, I feel like you just opened my house and boom there is your store!
    We have so many simalar decorating styles! The crate idea is exactully what I have in my sons room and the basement for the kids! Anyway I could go on all night, but I’ll just get to my question. Where do you purchase your items? Do you consign, or do you just buy from a wholesaler? I have so many items that you might be interested in. I have had a booth in a shop in Leesburg for about a year. ( unfortunately the owners recently retired and closed there doors!

    • Christina Hulbert says:

      I am not sure you got the 2 nd half of my email, please get back to me if you have a moment to talk about all the goodies I have to sell or consign! Thanks , I hope you got the whole email, I gave you an idea of all my items
      Thanks Christine Hulbert
      “Christine’s Antiques and Antiques”
      703-477-0130. Or

  2. Betty says:

    You coud’nlt pay me to ignore these posts!

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