Pallet Play!

You may have seen the post I put on FB the other day telling everyone that we have a BUNCH of pallets at the shop and if anyone wants they for a project they are FREE!  We will be getting more pallets this week due to holiday shipments so more for the taking.

I wanted to give you all a little inspiration for a DIY pallet project in case you are looking for a new project.  I also have a Pinterest board all about repurposing projects and TONS of PALLET idea check it out here.

If you would like a free pallet or 2 email Laura at

pallet pallet 2 pallet 3 pallet3 pallet4 pallets 6 pallets 13 pallets 14 pallets4 pallets7 pallets8 pallets9 pallets10 pallets11 pallets12 pallets13 pallets15 pallets16 pallets17

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