Vintage Holiday Table

I have been lucky enough to find some AMAZING vintage china lately.  We have a huge selection at Rough Luxe market this weekend and I use a lot of it for Vintage Rental (weddings, events & photo shoots).

With the holidays coming up I wanted to share you some gorgeous ways you can incorporate vintage china & glassware into your family dinners and holiday celebrations.  It brings such a classy and chic sense of style to any event.

All vintage china and glass ware is $5/piece at Rough Luxe to inspire folks to think outside the box this holiday season.  We have a variety of european china, gold rimmed glasses and more just waiting for you!



china 6 china 7 china 8 china1 china2 china3 china4 china5 china9 china10 china11 china13 china14 china15

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