Calling all DIYers!

I am going to start a weekly guest blogger post.  I am super excited to share with you guys some of the amazing talent both locally as well as nationally in interior design, DIY, and all things creative!

If you are a “creative” and would love to share your passion with us or have a fabulous DIY project I want to hear from you.  All of the details are listed on our guest blogger page.

But the long and short of it is email me the following into and I will do my best to include you in my weekly guest post!

Guest Blog Post or Before & After

1. Your Name & Name of your business is you have one

2. Links to your blog or facebook page

3. A picture of you or a logo if you have it

4. If you have a DIY project include step by step details here w/images

5. List of supplies you used

6. Before & after picture of your project

guest blogger

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