Vintage Modern Tree

I wanted to give you all a little glimps into our home during the holidays.  Last year I had a “decorator tree” as my husband called it.  It was gorgeous but I suppose not a true reflection of us and our home.  Lets be honest we have 4 dogs and I run a business that on many occasions has me removing things like our dining room table.  Life is far from decorator perfect!

When decorating the tree his year I pulled out all of our family ornaments most of which were given to us by our parents from our childhood.  I also pulled out the “decorator” box and decided for it to be a true Stylish Patina tree it needed a bit of both; modern beauty and vintage soul.

Two of my most favorite things in the decorate box were 1 – these fab silk roses with the tips dipped in glitter (to die for, mom and I fell in love with them last year), 2 – are these beautiful strands of glitter garland.  I looked everywhere trying to find them to buy for the shop…. but no luck.

I hope you enjoy this peek inside our little home during the holiday season.



house 1 house2 house3

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