2014 Resolutions

I hope you all had an amazing new years eve and are getting ready for 2014!  It’s time for our resolutions for 2014.  As I mentioned on Facebook the other day I started my exercise resolution about 3 weeks ago.  I used to consider myself a runner (and I guess I am again…).  I hated to run when I was younger usually because it was punishment from my basketball coach.  Then I went to college and was so used to playing sports I needed an outlet so I took up running.  I was in Charleston SC so it was a beautiful place to run tons of fun homes to look at and distract you.

As I got older and moved around a for work I made a great friend that introduced me to distance running.  Up until then 6 miles was my longest run.  Before I knew it I was running 15 miles on a Saturday morning.  I was relocated for a job at AOL and finally coming home to be closer to family.  One of the first things I did was look online for a running group.  I found a great group called DC Road Runners and joined their marathon training group.  I ran the Marine Core Marathon & New York City Marathon and trained for Chicago and San Fran but got injured right before both (it happens).  I love the training part and the race is a bonus (actually there are parts I dislike about the actual race).

The business has been exploding the last couple of years and it has taken it’s toll on my running/training.  It had been about a year since I had done any consistent running/lifting. I’m now back in the groove and LOVING IT!  Running for me is an opportunity to clear my head, zone out, and think through all the stuff going on in my life/the business.  At the end of a run I feel more relaxed and in control.

Here are my 2014 Resolutions!  What are yours?

2014 resolutions

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