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With the new year underway most people are thinking about getting their lives and homes in order for 2014.  I am just like you, I started last week with painting my two bathrooms.  I hate to admit it but one thing I HATE to do is paint walls.  My husband also hates when I paint walls because I tend to jump right in, no taping, no covering of the floor or anything.  I think this is why I fell in love with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan, I didn’t have to do much if any prep I just jumped in (love that product!).

As usual I went to the paint store got about 6 cans of paint all deep greens and blues in semi gloss and started painting.  My tip of the week is really simple, color can transform any space with minimal cost involved just a little sweat equity.  Just like with furniture you can transform a room by painting the walls.  Obviously the deeper the color the more dramatic the change.

My newest obsession is walls with a reflective quality.  You can easily get this with semi gloss paint.  If you want you can use gloss but I find that semi gloss is a nice middle of the road choice especially for darker walls in bathrooms.  The higher the sheen the more it shows your walls flaws so keep that in mind when prepping your space.

This below image is Nate Berkus bedroom, love the color choice and the high sheen blue doors, amazing!  I’d love to see pictures of your semi gloss walls.  Stay tuned this week for the reveal of my bathrooms.


Here are a couple other images that were inspiration for a friends bathroom transformation I’m hoping to share those pictures with you when it’s completed.

bathroom bathroom 2


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  1. Gale Grindstaff says:

    Would you please add my email to any of your announcements for monthly Rough Luxe sales and shop news

  2. Hi Kelly! Glad you found my bathroom inspiring. Small favor – Please link up to my blog when using my pictures – thanks!!!

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