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This week’s guest post is a great little project submitted to us by the fabulous Diana Adams of Studio Diana, a family owned boutique photography studio. She is a wedding and lifestyle photographer and we met her the Stylish Patina Cottage open house last month.

When Diana shared this project with us, we just fell in love because the story is something we can all relate to. Diana inherited a little stool from a house she rented in Coconut Grove in 1974. Ever since, she has hauled the stool around with her through many moves and new houses. We all have that piece of furniture – the family heirloom that we inherited many years ago, or the side table we have hauled with us since our first house in college. It might have chipped paint, or be scratched, a leg is loose, its worn and “beat up” – but we just can’t get rid of it. These are the pieces of furniture in our homes that tell our story. You look at them and smile about whatever memory is attached, about the time you hauled it on a hot summer day in the back of a truck and it fell off. About the time you found it on the street and just had to haul it home, because hey, free furniture. It has watched your home evolve from a hodge podge of whatever furnishings you could afford to a cozy place that you take care to make into a special sanctuary. And while it’s sibling furniture might have gotten nicer over the years, it still fits in, but it really could use a little…refreshing.

These are the pieces of furniture that Stylish Patina is all about. Furniture that has soul – a vintage soul. Great products like chalk paint help us to give these pieces modern function. This brings us back to Diana. She refreshed her little stool with English Yellow chalk paint and gave it new life. Now her little yellow stool is ready to be hauled around some more and it fits into her decor in a whole new way.

Check out these photos of Diana’s little yellow stool:

Do you have a story about an old family heirloom or inherited piece of furniture that you have hauled around and refreshed? We’d love to hear it! Send us your story and photos to

You can buy chalk paint in our online shop, click here. We offer furniture transformation services if you want a little refresh but don’t have the time. We also offer paint classes if you want to learn a few new skills for how to refresh furniture.

Also, just a little note, all Christmas items are 75% off in the shop this weekend – so stock up for next year! The shop is located at 410 S Maple Ave in Falls Church, VA.
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  1. Suzanne says:

    Looking for classes… Your web page either goes to paints for sale or error.. Do you offer classes ?

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