Mixing Gold & Silver

It’s kind of like the rule you can’t wear blue and black together…many people feel they have to choose gold or silver accents in a their design.  I must admit that I usually would agree until I started playing around with refreshing my bathroom.  It started out looking like this…

IMG_7100 IMG_7101

This is actually our master bath (not by most peoples standards these days).  The tile was here when we bought the house.   We have renovated everything but the bathrooms, one day.   I wanted to jazz it up with some paint and give us a bit more of an impact (and I wanted to play with semi gloss paint on the walls).  I ended up going with a really beautiful deep grey purple from Behr – Sovereign.  I chose a semi gloss finish because I wanted the sheen.

Next on the list was to swap out the mirror and light fixture, change up the art, get a bath mat and a new shower curtain.  I love shower curtains don’t know why!  I have to say my “go to” last minute place for decorating beside the shop which I do hit up often is Target.  I LOVE the Threshold and Nate Berkus lines.  At Target I found the following:

– Threshold shower curtain

– Threshold gold wall plates

– Bath mat which is actually an indoor/out door rug

Next I went to Home Depot (HD) and picked up a Martha Stewart light and some silver metallic paint from Martha. Ready to transform! — I ended up taking a vintage gold mirror that I had at the shop and applying the silver metallic paint on top of it.  The intent was to cover the entire mirror but I started to like the look of the gold coming through so I let it be and kept evolving the design.  With the wall color and the tile color I planned on sticking with silver (change of plans!) but loved the look of the below mirror so just went with it.


Once this change took place thats when I started reevaluating my art and found these great wall pieces from Target. Creepy maybe, cool yes!

bath 2

I had already had my husband install the new light (other wise I think I would have done a rubbed bronze) so I was/am a bit stuck with it for the time being.  I am really enjoying the new look of the bathroom it’s not perfect and there are a couple other projects I want to tackle like cleaning up the grout in floor tile (great tip from Young House Love on this topic I am going to try) and such but all in all I’m enjoying it.


My hubby isn’t quite sold yet but he’ll get used to it (see that hole behind the sink yep…that needs to be fixed too).  One project at a time.  The moral of the story?  Play with your rooms and don’t be afraid to go against the grain a bit. The best new design ideas come from experimentation.  Here are a few more experiments I found in mixing metals…

gold gold 2 gold3 gold4 gold5

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2 Responses to Mixing Gold & Silver

  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful! It’s amazing what a difference paint and accessories can make. I’m a fan of mixing metals — I do it with my wedding rings (wits and rose gold). I’m also a fan of mixing navy and black with clothing accessories.

  2. Kathleen says:

    I wear black and navy blue a lot. Never knew it was wrong..

    Your bathroom looks wonderful.

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