SP Recap of 2013

2013 was an amazing year for Stylish Patina. Looking back I’m not sure how it all got done (thank you mom, laura & heather).  When you are a small business owner and you are going through a quick growth spurt like SP did in 2013 you make decisions on where to invest your time and money.  For me I made the decision early that I wasn’t going to open a retail space unless I was willing to hire someone to man the shop.  What I love to do is create and focus on growing the business and scaling.

This is where my 15 years of running and growing other people businesses (and my Masters in Business) came into play.  I love business as much as I love creating beautiful pieces of furniture and homes.  I can be a real dork, my mom & dad make fun of me and say things like “oh so your going to create an excel spread sheet on that right?”.  The answer is YES!! I love excel, numbers and figuring out marketing strategy.  So I guess I am a business/marketing dork with an eye for design. I run the business and marketing for SP and my “girls” run the day to day in the shop.  They are all trained and work with me daily.  each one was carefully selected to ensure when you visit a Stylish Patina location you will have a fantastic customer experience.  All the girls are trained one on one by me and are experts in our paint lines.  They also have a great eye for color and design so don’t be afraid to ask them questions.

I am so grateful for the success of the business and have a couple new things up my sleeve that could be really exciting in 2014 ….you will have to follow along on the blog, FB, Pinterest and Instagram.  Thank you all for supporting Stylish Patina whether it be by reading the blog, shopping online or visiting us in person.  I am excited to see you in 2014!

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