What color is your door?

I have been working with a design client on the exterior of their home specifically the door color.  We renovated all of the bathrooms, wall color, flooring and kitchen so this is our last step…here are some inspirational photos I found while working on the last step of this client’s home….which one do you like best?  See more on my Pinterest Board!  Happy Friday.

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6 Responses to What color is your door?

  1. Debra Hunter says:

    Definitely the top one…to the point that I’m gonna paint MINE that color! Love Love Love it!!!

  2. Georgianna says:

    These are beautiful but what if you’re an ordinary non-rich person with a boring facade and contractor-grade front door from Home Depot? What can I do to spruce it up?

    • J says:

      No excuse for having a boring/plain/contractor type door. You can add color/interest by hanging something ON the door, OVER the door, on the SIDES of the door, and in FRONT walking entrance to door. This is fun, because it can be seasonal, decorated with holiday ideas. Example: From Christmas, you can go to Valentines day, St. Pattys Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July etc. etc. During Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter you have beautiful colors and plants and flowers too. What fun to have all these colors and so interesting to look and and so inviting. The door is only the foundation of a beautiful building that you can have. Have Fun doing it and enjoying it!!!!

    • Actually most of these are factory grade doors. Painting the door is the #1 way to spruce it up!



    What color paint was used on the first door above?
    Thanks for sharing.

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