Bring Nature In!

As we are trying to shake off the winter blues keep in mind you can always include nature in your home to bring life inside year round.  Succulents are my new fav way to add a bit of color in the home.  I ended up picking one up about 6 months ago at Trader Joe’s and have become a bit obsessed with them.  They are a wonderful low maintenance indoor plant, they look gorgeous used with other plants to make beautiful eye candy.

nature 2 nature1 nature5 nature6 nature7

Another easy way to bring the outside in is by using live trees as a part of your interior design.  This won’t work for everyone however; I think it’s a great way to add height in a corner, color and interest.

nature 11 nature 12

And finally have fun with it, whether you are pressing flowers, hanging botanical prints or creating little floral vignettes in beautiful clear jars enjoy the process and breath a little life into your home.

nature nature 7 nature 8 nature 9 nature4 nature10

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  3. Stacie says:

    Love the succulent wreath and the tree….what kind of tree is that??

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