Creating a gallery wall

Gallery walls are my new favorite thing.  We tend to do them a lot at our Rough Luxe Market monthly sale just due to the amount of vintage art I like to buy.  Anyone can make a gallery wall in their home.  It can be made with new and vintage art (or a combo). You can also use your kids art which is a really great way to add some sentiment in your home and have some unique art.  I also think it can be fun to mix in your initials, a mirror of other fun accents to give the wall interest.  It can evolve overtime as you find treasures.

I like to start with a focal point and build out from there.  In general if you have been reading the blog a while you know I like to let things evolve so I’m not a big planner when it comes to my gallery walls.  For those of you that are here is a great resources I found on pinterest.

gallery wall10For those of your that like to wing it and are going for an eclectic feel pull out the items you have, clear off your dining table or the floor and then just start laying them out.  If you want to be really careful you can even cut out paper the size of each image and place it on the wall first.  I tend to mix and match colors, frames, etc. however; you can always hit up ikea for a slew of white or black frames for a great look as well.  Check out my Pinterest Board with more ideas too.  Here is some inspiration….

gallery wal 8 gallery wall 3 gallery wall 4 gallery wall 5 gallery wall 7 gallery wall 8 gallery wall 9 gallery wall 11 gallery wall 12 gallery wall6 gallery walll9

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