Guest Post: Bold Before & After

This week’s guest post is from Stylish Patina fan and reader, Kena Holmes. Kena sent us this piece a while back and we are so excited to share it with you. It is a bold makeover on a beautiful antique piece.

Kena’s emailed started with “I LOVE your shop, I LOVE paint, and I LOVE how just a little elbow grease can create new life for tired old piece of furniture.” We were just tickled to see a customer and fellow DIYer with so much passion for transforming the “old”, “tired”, and “forgotten” pieces of the world into fabulous, functional, modern pieces.

Here is the piece Kena found on a curb, forgotten in the rain and left for trash day.
BeforeKena wondered why someone would discard this beautiful piece. She knew, “Someone used to love it, I could tell by the scratches, broken wood detailing, and little fingerprints left on the original antique glass. I guess they didn’t love it any more. All those memories it held were just kicked to the curb. Well, I wasn’t going to stand for that. My 63 year old mother and I lugged this heavy thing to my basement.”

After salvaging this lovely antique china cabinet, Kena went to work making it into something someone would love again. Despite her faith in this piece, her mom just couldn’t understand how to make it a statement piece again, how to make it a beautiful piece of furniture. But Kena had a vision for this piece.

She painted it with Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk and General Finishes Lamp Black. Then, she sealed it with a satin finish to give it a bit of a glamorous shine. Take a look at the finished piece.
IMG_2678 IMG_2689 IMG_2685We just love the details Kena incorporated into this piece, as well as her bold color choice. It truly transformed the piece from something old and worn to something glam and modern. This piece now lives in another family’s home to be loved for many years.

Thank you Kena for sharing your fabulous project with us! We love to see what you all can do with a little paint and a lot of creativity. If you have a project, we’d love for you to share it with us! Email photos and your story to

The Skinny:
– Buy Annie Sloan chalk paint, General Finishes paints and supplies online and in our store.
– Stay tuned for March’s paint classes to learn how to transform your own furniture & finds!

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  1. Gina Reed says:

    Beautiful piece! I’m a newbie..How/Where do us Michiganders find pieces like this? We only have about 3 months of yard sale estate sale weather in northern michigan, and I’m never sure of what a good price is on antique pieces. Help! 🙂

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