MMS Milk Paint, Apron Strings

We are all about MMS Milk Paint Today.  Our featured color is Apron Strings.  Apron Strings is a raspberry/coral color named by one of Marian’s blog readers.  She remembered her grandmother wearing a coral apron and Marian loved the story she shared and the feelings evoked by the name.

When mixed with Ironstone, beautiful shades of coral can be found in this color.  We sell MMS paints in the shop and online with all of the other goodies: furniture wax, antiquing fax, bonding agent, and so much more!  Also check out our Milk Paint FAQ’s page.

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apron strings

What is the difference between Milk Paint and Chalk Paint?

These are two totally different kinds of paint.  Both have advantages and disadvantages and can be used in a variety of ways.  Here are some of the similarities and differences…

  • Milk Paint comes in powdered form and needs to be mixed with water.  Chalk Paint is sold in a tradition liquid quart.
  • Milk Paint has great adhesion on raw wood that will never chip/peel or fade.  Add the bonding agent on previously finished surfaces to improve adhesion.  Chalk Paint has great adhesion on most any surface without the addition of a bonding agent.
  •  Milk Paint will show wood grain in most cases and can be used as a stain.  Chalk Paint is thicker and covers wood grain in most cases.
  • Milk Paint can be distressed and/or crackled and will resist some finishes giving an authentic chippy, aged look.  Chalk Paint can be distressed and crackled, but will not chip.
  • Milk Paint is a 100% natural, zero VOC paint that is completely biodegradable and non toxic.

Upcoming Events at Stylish Patina!

* April Rough Luxe Market– Cottage Chic – April 25-27th

* Milk Paint & Chalk Paint Basics Class – May 3rd Register Online

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