MMS Milk Paint, Trophy

We are all about MMS Milk Paint Today. Trophy is our featured color.  It is a warm, rich gray with yellow undertones.  Unlike Shutter Gray, which is very blue, Trophy is a truer gray reminiscent of tarnished silver found on antique trophies.

Marian loves to layer Trophy under Grain Sack and Ironstone for a faded, Swedish finish.  We sell MMS paints in the shop and online with all of the other goodies: furniture wax, antiquing fax, bonding agent, and so much more!  Also check out our Milk Paint FAQ’s page.

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Tips for mixing MMS Milk Paint…

There are many ways to mix the milk paint, we offer guidelines on how to mix it and what consistency to look for, however we encourage to always test out a small amount to make sure that you are happy with the mixture. Milk Paint can be a stain or a solid opaque paint depending on how much water you add.

For a solid opaque look: Mix one part water to one part Milk Paint powder. Add water to container/jar first, then add powder and mix with a whisk, electric milk frother or blender (we sell these in the shop) . For a super smooth finish,use a blender for best results, otherwise mix with a frother or a whisk for an additional 1-2 minutes for a super fine mix. Mixed Milk Paint should have a table cream consistency for opaque coverage. Once satisfied with consistency, test out a small sample to see if desired consistency is reached. If the brush drags, the mixture is too thick (opaque) and you need to add more water.  If sample drips and is too thin (transparent), then add more powder. Adjust as required, and start painting!

Note: Mixing Milk Paint can be like baking bread and the amount of water required will vary based on the humidity of the day and location.  It can also vary depending on the amount of pigment in the color being mixed.

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  1. Ellen Pecina says:

    I am interested in purchasing a sample pot of Duck Egg Blue. Please advise.

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