Dual Purpose Guest Room!

Normally we do Guest Posts on Thursday but this weekend we have our Rough Luxe Market event so we got pushed to Friday.  Today we have Beth from DesignPOST with her guest room home office renovation!  She is based on Charlotte NC and have a love for design + organization and it shows!  She has an amazing sense of style.  Take it away Beth….

I am thrilled to be here at Stylish Patina today, sharing one of my favorite projects of this year: my guest room/home office.  I finally put all the finishing touches on the office because it is a space that I use on a daily basis and I wanted it to feel inspiring.  I decided to have some fun in this room and go crazy with color, pattern, and design and the results make me very happy!

Although, this room is mainly used as an office it still needs to function as a guest room when we have people over.  It is super easy to convert the room to a guest room by making just a few changes.

For all of the details on this dual-functioning room check out my original post, here & here.
And thanks again, Kelly for having me!  I welcome all of your readers to stop by my blog!
I share lots of projects that I am doing around my house, as well as, client homes
so come say hello y’all!

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