DIY Succulent Wreath

Deborah over at The Little Garden Spot and our resident flower guru has been making succulent wreaths in her studio for the past several days and she was kind enough to share her process with us!  We also have one of her beautiful succulent wreathes in the shop for sale.

First, I started with a pre-made moss form. I was going to be very ambitious and make the wreath from scratch but when I found these forms, it was a no brainer!

wreath 1 Soak the form for about 15-20 minutes. You must work with this type of moss wet, otherwise, it will disintegrate.

Second, I made holes with my pruning shears to get the succulents into the wreath. The second picture reflects these so-called holes.

wreath2Third, I pinned the plants in place with floral pins. This step is optional, but the plants need to be secured in place. Especially, if you are going to hang the wreath. (most instructions recommend waiting for several months before hanging-until the plants are rooted in) You can put them as close together as you like, but I tried to leave a little growing room. 

wreath 3The wreath forms I purchased have a chain for hanging or feet on the bottom to use on a table as a centerpiece. Put them in a sunny spot and don’t give them too much attention. If we have a period without rain (10 days or so) give them a good soaking and they should be fine. 

Thanks Deborah! Here is the gorgeous final product that we have in the shop for sale.

succulent wreath

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  1. I absolutely love this:)
    So pretty and very great use of colors! It’s perfect!!
    Stopping by from

  2. Arnette says:

    Greetings! Very helpful adice within this article!
    It’s the litttle changes that make thee greayest changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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