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We are in the middle of doing some jiggering at our house more details to come later regarding that but one of the areas I am redecorating is my office.  We are moving it up to the landing area in our master suite area.  It’s actually a perfect area since it get tons of natural light and has a loft like feel.

I decided to use Classic Grey from Benjamin Moore for the walls.  I’m going for a casual yet chic vibe.  Classic Grey is very neutral but that’s the idea so I can add color with art and other elements.  I would say 75% of the time I like to go with neutral walls so you can change your decor over time w/o repainting your home.  As always I will have a mix of vintage furnishings and some bold art to add life to the new office.  Stay tuned for the reveal next week.  Here is a little snapshot of some of the elements for the new office it’s going to be like working in the clouds!

inspiration officeAnd now for a look inside a few inspirational home offices…..all images found on Pinterest.

office office2 office3 office4 office5 office6 office7 office8office 10 office 12 office 14 office11 office15

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