Baby A + Baby B Update

Our twins are scheduled for a c-section around October 1st however; I am planning on being ready for them mid September since most tend to come early.  I get lots of questions about our soon to be new additions and how my pregnancy is going so here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Have you been extra sick during your pregnancy? YES!! I was pretty ill through week 20 and then I started to finally feel a little bit more normal and I could eat a meal and actually enjoy it.  The down side of this is that week 20 is also when I started to get a lot bigger so you win some and lose some!

Have you been extra hungry or tired since it’s twins?  This is hard for me to gauge since it’s my first pregnancy it’s all I have known.  I haven’t felt extra hungry at all really if anything I tend to make sure I eat more often since usually I’m not much of a big eater.  As for being tired I’d say I’m more tired now at 28 weeks than I was in the beginning.

Do the babies have names yet?  Nope, my hubby and I have a list of names we have been playing around with many that we have had for a while since we have been trying for a long time to start our family. I don’t think we will commit to any names until they are born.  For now Baby A is the girl and Baby B is the boy.

Are you going to make any change to the business now that you are going to be a mom of twins?  No not really.  I plan to continue working full-time and we will have the shop, Rough Luxe Market, the blog and design clients as usual.  Like any working mom I am going to have to figure out the child care situation and plan on taking it slow the first few months they are born.  I am super lucky that my parents live in the area (less than  mile away) so we are hoping to come up with a good schedule to get everything taken care of plus mom help with the shop and rough luxe tons.

What do you miss most about being pregnant? EXERCISE!  Since I’m considered a high risk pregnancy due to the twins and my age my doctors have really limited my exercise activity.  I see people running and I am so jealous!  I miss the physical stress release that being more active has always given me.  I still take walks in the neighborhood with my pups and do go for longer than the 20 min they recommend (shh don’t tell my doctors) but in general I have contained my desire to do more so I can keep our little love bugs in the oven for as long as possible!

Have you had any weird cravings?  Not at all.  Maybe this is because food in general wasn’t that appealing until a couple months ago.  The one food I really miss is Sushi.  Some people can’t wait to have a glass of wine or beer but I want Sushi!  Something that has been really odd is that coffee doesn’t taste good to me at all and I am a coffee addict!  A couple times I’ve tried a sip or a decaf coffee (which I used to like) and it just doesn’t taste good at all.  I’m interested to see if this changes after they come.

Have you gained a lot of weight? Yes! For me any weight feels like a like (I’m sure most women feel this way).  I’m on track to hit the 40-50 lbs they want me to gain for twins.  Just typing that amount of weight is terrifying! People keep saying I look small for carrying twins but I think t’s just because I am tall 5’11 and I have big shoulders and hips so in general I have the room to carry twins unlike a smaller woman.  Most of my weight is in my stomach which seems to be stretching daily but I can’t wait to tone up my arms and legs after these little ones come on out to play.  I hate having my picture taken so I don’t have any belly shots for you at the moment.  I have been lucky and haven’t had any swelling or anything like that yet.

Are you still painting furniture?  Yes, but not for much longer.  I think the girls will be taking over most of the manual labor for the next couple months. I tend to dictate the color and finish but they are going to be doing the most of the heavy lifting.  The bigger my belly gets the harder it is for me to bend and move around the furniture as you can imagine (it’s a sight to be seen).  Plus the next couple months I’ll be wrapping up with a couple design clients and focusing on the renovations at our new home.

Here are a couple pics of the babies in utero super amazing that they can do these 3D pictures……stay tuned for more baby news and house renovation updates in our house renovations category.

its a boy its a girl

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3 Responses to Baby A + Baby B Update

  1. Janet B says:

    WOW! Those pictures are just amazing! Back in the day when I had my 2 kids, I don’t think ultrasound was even invented (1971&1977)! Good luck to you and your growing family. Take it easy and pamper yourself .

  2. jenny says:

    Cute! You do look small for a twins pregnancy and it is so great to be so tall. They have plenty of room. I have twin boys now 16. I don’t know what kind of help you have lined up but I was thankful to have a maid. I was also thankful to have a nanny about half time. Maybe that was too much. One thing I know, though, don’t get a nanny before a maid, because you may be tempted to clean the house while the nanny tends the babies. One smart thing I did was, when they were older, Hire two teenage baby sitters, not one, for dinners out. Twins are fun once they sleep. And when you are all done with that and your friends get pregnant you will laugh out loud.

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