Eat in Kitchen Makeover

Our little dutch colonial has gone through lots of renovations since we bought it in 2009. Today I’m going to give you a look inside the evolution of our eat in kitchen area.  This little area was originally a breezeway that the owners before us enclosed.  The best part about this room is all of the natural light and the access to right out onto the deck which we adore (and will miss horribly if we move).  Here is what the room looked liked when we bought the house.

ap kitchen before

Then after a gut a job it evolved into this….which I did love…but then the chairs were sold and we have a few other evolutions of the space.

eat in kitchen before

Then when I decided to suck it up and have the house painted after we found out we were having twins and might start looking to move the space evolved a bit.  I started playing with a color pallet for the house.  I wanted something that would work for us if we stayed in the house but also be fresh and inviting if we put it on the market.  You can read this post about the color pallet of the new paints here.

I decided to go with Wickham Gray for our eat in kitchen. I don’t really consider it a gray to me it has more blue/green in it.  For a room that has tons of light it was perfect!  So now say hello to our refreshed eat in kitchen.

sp kitchen 2 sp kitchen 3 sp kitchen 4 sp kitchen 5 sp kitchenYou will notice some of the elements of the room have not changed here is a breakdown…..

– I love my jute rug from Ikea a steal at $99, durable, it hides dirt and is soft 🙂

– The fabulous farm table I scored at an estate sale about 7 years ago for $100 (it’s one of my all time favorite scores).

– The curtains are Ikea a pair for $35.  I have played with these in all different ways you can add ribbon to the edges to dress them or tie them up with burlap.  In general they are a great inexpensive curtain for a casual setting.

– The head chairs are reproduction from the shop but I don’t care they are fabulous and you can wipe them down!

– The other 4 chairs – 2 are painted with Paris Grey Chalk Paint and accented with kings cold gilding wax and the other two are reproduction french balloon backs from the shop.

– The blue & white china is vintage from the shop — LOVE!!!

– Placemats are from Home Goods:-)  Score for like $5!

– Pillows are Target 🙂 Pink isn’t usually my color BUT I love these pillows so I just went with the pink, a little nod to Sarah my manager at the shop she is soo happy I have opened myself up to the color pink a little more.

– The ball jar I am using as a vase is vintage and then I put some gold leaf on it for fun, the tutorial is here. Flowers straight from the garden!

If you are looking for other wall color ideas  and design tips I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to wall colors check it out!

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3 Responses to Eat in Kitchen Makeover

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’ facing a room with older stained wainscoting. How did you prepare the surface for paint, am
    Nod how did you make sure you got in all of the crevices?

  2. Cait says:

    I love this! I especially love your table as I have one very much like it, also an estate sale score. Almost the exact same size and shape. I too have struggled with chairs for the table, and finally went with a happy mish mash. Your happy mish mash is even better, and I’m going to open my mind to upholstered options. Because it’s not a huuuuge table, I didn’t think upholstered would work, I thought they might be too visually heavy. But you’ve opened my perspective! The best thing I ever did though was put wheels on my table. I could tell it used to have them, and it sat ‘low’ without them. I looked carefully and found wheels that looked like they would have been on the table originally. Best thing I ever did for my little farmhouse table! It gives it just the right amount of lift, visually and in a practical sense. Now to find the right upholstered chairs!

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