Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore paint is one of the most popular gray paint colors in use right now. I really like this color but like most it looks vey different depending on the light in the room. Here are a couple other very popular grays on the market today thats folks are using as neutrals in thier homes.  Each of these colors are by Benjamin Moore.  I have used Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore and Gray Owl Benjamin Moore in our current home.  Lets just be honest no color ever looks just like it does on the paint chip.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 6.13.26 PMI think Gray Owl like many grays can give off a blue tint depending on the amount of natural light you get in your room or even the light bulbs you are using.  I have a new design client that is renovating a home in Falls Church and we just decided on all of her house colors and in her kitchen/living room I had her swap out her recess lights to a more “clear” bulb so she didn’t get so much yellow light and it made a huge difference.

I ended up using Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore in my new office area in our master suite upstairs.  I love the color in this room mainly because we get tons of natural light up here which is great for this color.  Here it is in our home and I didn’t alter the image its a true to color as I could get it.

gray owl 3 gray owl 4

I pulled a few other images from online of gray owl in other peoples homes.  If/when you are testing colors in your home place a couple coats on the wall and test it in different areas of the room so you can see how the light plays with the color.

gray owl1 gray owl2

gray owl 6 gray owl5

Do you have other gray walls colors you love?  Or have you used gray owl before and what did you think?  If you are looking for other wall color suggestions I have a Pinterest board dedicated to wall colors I love.  Check it out here.

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26 Responses to Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore

  1. I used Grey Owl in our main floor half bath with no windows. It definitely looks darker in there but I still really like it. I kow that people are sometimes cutting it in half (50% lighter) and I think that would work really well for our darker basement so I may just be doing that.

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    One of my virtual clients is using Gray Owl and I have am developing a palette around that. It’s a really great color and certainly on the top 5 of great grays for Ben.

  3. Tish says:

    I LOVE this color. Tried countless gray samples in my living room for months before discovering it. I paired it with Ben Moore Linen, which I also love. I had planned to use a cooler white white but really love it with this creamy off white. Used it at 50% for ceiling in a yellow room, too. I find it’s a great neutral that works well with many different accents, both cool and warm.

  4. I really like Gray Owl. Its very pretty.
    I just painted my dining room gray (went from green to gray) but I used Driftwood Gray by Martha Stewart. Its pretty similar but a little darker.

  5. Shauna says:

    I used gray owl in my entire first floor mixed 50% lighter after reading so many good reviews and seeing beautiful pictures. Well, it’s extremely blue. It does change depending on the light, but it’s pretty much always blue. Still a beautiful color but not at all the color is was hoping for. Don’t want to repaint so I guess I’m just going to live with it.

    • Joanne says:

      Ditto Shauna. My gray owl turned out so blue and nothing like the soft gray I expected. Like you, it’s such a large area that it will be staying for quite awhile!

      • Betty says:

        I agree. I bought gray owl and we ended up with “green” owl. The room looks like a mint green that many people love but I do not. It is staying as is for now but eventually I want it the more neutral gray I had hoped for.

  6. Tim Johnson says:

    We want gray walls not blue/gray walls. We used Gray Owl in our living and dining room. Well, they look baby blue and not gray at all. I’m not sure what the difference is between our priming & 2 coats of paint and these other posts, but we now need to trash 15 gallons of paint and start over.

    • J says:

      I have this color on my master bedroom walls and it looks VERY silver grey. The difference, I think, is lighting.

      Why would you buy 15 gallons without buying a sample, putting it up on the wall and looking at it at different times of day? That’s nobody’s fault but yours, stop having a tantrum at the blog owner.

  7. Bee McKen says:

    I have the weirdest gray owl story. Purchased a sample from one Benjamin Moore store to be used in a room where wallpaper would be stripped. Looked incredible. Hired painters, purchased the gray owl from another BM store and it came out a MINT GREEN. If I hadn’t purchased it myself, I have sworn the painters got the wrong color. The only thing I noticed was the first paint store put a swatch of the paint on the top label whereas when I purchased the final product, they did not. However, the label clearly states Gray Owl. I’m dumbfounded but it is what it is so I’m making the best of my new mint green room.

    • Lyn says:

      I love your story because it just happened to me!!! I found out you have to check the “Rev Date” on the top of the paint can. Benjamin Moore is notorious for updating their formulas. I chose Winter Orchard, Gray Owl, Revere Pewter and Sebring White for the new house we are doing. When I put the samples on the wall from my local paint guy, I loved them (I have used Revere Pewter numerous times). Then when I had my painter start painting the walls the colors were completely different. The tell tale sign … my rev date from my local guy was 2009!!! The painter had formulas that were updated in 2012. I kept all of the colors, Revere pewter I had my old paint can so I had the formula and my painter had it remixed to the formula I have used for years and Love. The new one is more brown grey

  8. Larry says:

    I really suggest you paint a swatch on the wall. Our kitchen has a window but it faces bushes and the neighbors 2 story house so we dont get a lot of natural light. The Gray Owl changes throughout the day. Sometimes its silvery, sometimes it gray and other times its goes a bit beige. Our other choice was SW Passive, really our first choice but it goes deeper rather than changing hues so much. I was afraid it would go too dark once up. Its more of an obvious gray rather than a neutral. Since our counters also are a “griege”, sometimes they are greyish, other times more creamy, we went with the Gray Owl,

  9. Priscilla says:

    I am so glad I just read this blog. I just started painting my kitchen Gray Owl and am noticing ‘blue”. Just decided to stopped and give it some thought before I continued. The last thing I want is a blue kitchen . The surrendering rooms are various tones of Pewter Gray. Think I shall stick with a tone of the PG.
    Many thanks

  10. Debbie says:

    I had read that Gray Owl has a bluish tint when used in a south facing room. I painted my dining room this color (it is a south facing room) and I love it. I used Gray Owl in my daughter-in-law’s hallway, it has a green tint so if you want a true gray, this is not the one to use. I personally love the bluish tint but not everyone does. I used SW Dorian Gray, SW Repose Gray, SW Dovetail and like all of them. These are all true grays ( or at least in my home). The Repose is very light, Dorian- a medium gray and the Dovetail-darker. My suggestion would be to ALWAYS buy a sample and try on your wall before buying a lot of paint. The same color in different rooms can vary a great deal according to many factors.

    • Emily says:

      I loved Repose Gray in all the pictures on Pinterest and even liked the look of the sample I painted on the wall–but for some reason when I painted the whole wall the purple/taupe undertones were really brought out. I’m only one wall in–so I think I’m going to paint over the Repose Gray with Gray Owl. For my space, I’d rather have green/blue undertones than purple.

  11. Zeline Crowley says:

    So glad I read this post and comments. I loved all the Gray Owl pics I’ve seen pinned. When I painted a 2×2′ sample on 3 walls of 3 different rooms, it looked bluish. The rooms have predominantly northern exposure, lots of windows but no direct sunlight coming in and with medium toned wood floors. Bummed that I wasn’t getting similar results from Gray Owl as in the lovely pics I’ve seen. I think I’m gonna end up going with SW Accessible Beige to balance out the tendency for everything to go blue in the rooms!

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  13. MS says:

    Hi – After reading the comments on Gray Owl, we tested it with these results (see photo at )

    We did not have the greenish tinge issue. We ended up lightening it by 50% with good results.

  14. Sherri says:

    HELP! I too put gray owl on my center front hallway– looks very, very much like light blue! My daughter put in her whole first floor– alot of natural light–looks more greenish/gray but still not gray.

    What color can I use for front center hallway and upstairs hallway that won’t look blue or green– HOWEVER I don’t want it to look purple either. Has natural light coming thru front door with windows on either side and hallway opens to kitchen so there is some light. Recommendations please! Have painted already 2 coats Gray Owl on walls hoping it would look more gray–still looks light bluish gray (more blue). At night it looks little more gray but horrible color during day. And if I use purple undertone gray might look good during the day but purple at night! Need help from others who have answers and been there! THanks

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